The Needs-Based Solutions We Offer

Private Education Planning Consultants

What We Do

  • Educational Programming of all spaces including
  • Toddler and Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Lower, Middle and Upper School classrooms
  • Special Needs
  • Science and STEM
  • Fine Arts
  • Athletics
  • Administration

Educational Programming it the process of determining what types of spaces should be designed to accommodate existing needs and future growth. Through a process of meetings with teachers, parents, staff, and students, we explore all ideas, investigate potential solutions, and verify what is achievable.

Using our extensive experience as campus architects for private schools, we understand how to balance overlapping needs, achieve consensus with building committees and board members, and then deliver realistic solutions.

Private Education Planning Consultants

Typical Programming Questions

  • What are the various types of classes that make up the current Fine Arts program?
  • What do you consider to be the greatest asset of the existing Fine Arts classrooms?
  • What are some things that do not work?
  • Is external circulation desirable between classrooms and buildings?
  • What types of interior spaces are unique to the Fine Arts program?